A $700 Million Amazon Pledge, Credit Card Hackers, and More News

Amazon makes an expensive pledge to its workers, a hacker group hits 17,000 domains, and butt plugs are being used for scientific research. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

Amazon pledged $700 million to teach its workers to code

This morning, Amazon announced a $700 million initiative to retrain US employees for high-skill, mostly technical jobs over the next six years. The initiative serves as a way for the company to bolster its image with US workers, but the effectiveness of the training remains to be seen. One notable absence: Even after thousands of its own employees criticized the company for courting oil companies and not implementing sustainability measures, Amazon says the initiative won’t cover training focused on sustainable energy or other climate-related jobs.

A card-skimming hacker group hit 17,000 domains and counting

You may not have heard of Magecart, but think of them as the credit-card skimmers of the web. Thanks to companies’ poor cloud security hygiene, the group has managed to hit 17,000 domains in the past few months alone. While Magecart is focused on credit card numbers, it’s also not hard to imagine another hacker group using the same methods for even worse crimes.

Cocktail Conversation

There’s a new hot device being used in the field of sex research that might come as a surprise: butt plugs. It turns out cobbling together an orgasm detector that works for everyone is a tall task, but with the butt plug turned research device, sex researchers have a way to uniformly measure the physiology of orgasms.

WIRED Recommends: Google Sales

Next week is Amazon Prime Day, and Google isn’t having it. So it’s having a sale of its own on Google and Nest devices, and WIRED rounded up the best deals.

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