All the Ways ChatGPT Can Help You Land a Job

(ChatGPT via David Nield)

When you’ve decided on the types of jobs you want, a chatbot can help you understand anything from finding out what a typical day looks like, to the sorts of skills you’ll use, or it can help you learn about the specific company you’re applying to.

Of course, chatbots don’t know any of this, but they can make smart assumptions based on the masses of text they’ve been trained on and information from the web. It’s always worth double-checking key points, especially when it comes to the details of a company (you don’t want to bring up an inaccurate fact during a job interview).

A prompt could be as simple as, “What does someone starting a new job as a project manager need to know?” with whatever embellishments you see fit. When we tried that query, we were given an idea of the skills, software, and hierarchies involved.

Prepare for Interviews

Google Bard answering prompt if you were being interviewed for a pilot job what questions would you usually be asked

Google via David Nield

Think about what you might be asked in advance.

(Google Bard via David Nield)

When you get to the interview stage, you might want to ask a chatbot, “What are the typical questions asked in an interview for the role of …” and see what responses you get. As usual, the more precise you can be in your prompt, the more tailored the responses are going to be. This will give you some idea of what to study up on, or how to prepare your responses.

You can also get some ideas about what a good answer looks like. “What is the best response to a question about … ,” for example. You want to answer as yourself, not as an AI bot, but you can get some ideas and inspiration using this method—so if you get asked about your biggest weaknesses, for example, make sure you talk about how you’re working on them.

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